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    Local Organizations
    BRC supports specific Volusia County organizations who are directly involved in the battle against domestic violence. Rather than just donating money to large entities, BRC provides educational programs and events, plus direct victim assistance funds and requested supplies to appropriate community organizations and agencies....
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    Law Enforcement
    BRC established and maintains “Plan B” safety-net funds for police to use for victims in extreme jeopardy for 24-48 hours after an incident. Domestic violence incidents are one of most dangerous calls for our police departments. All too often they encounter a victim, frequently with children, needing to be taken out of the situation immediately. In extreme cases, the “Plan B” funds allow Victim Advocates or the police at the scene to provide food and housing alternatives for 24-48 hours until more permanent, safe arrangements may be made....
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    Partnering with our local communities, we challenge corporations, small businesses, organizations, teams, and individuals to step up and do the same. The expression, “It takes a village” was never truer than in the quest to eradicate domestic and family violence. By supporting BRC, whether with your money, time or services, you are indeed helping to BREAK THE CYCLE of generational violence....
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  • Talent
    Many of our Supporters choose to contribute professional or personal services as a donation or at a reduced rate. This may be printing, lodging, surplus goods, graphic artistry, refreshments, etc. This enables BRC to stretch our dollars even further....
  • Time
    The engine of an organization like Building Remarkable Communities is fueled by an army of volunteers. Whether it is painting at the Shelter, assisting at BRC community events, helping one of our partner agencies at one of their happenings, or getting in on the excitement of the Remarkable River Run Series, we can find a place for you to help....
  • Money
    We assist a number of local Volusia County agencies and social services to help provide for the basic needs of survivors of domestic and family violence. This includes responding to specific funding requests from Law Enforcement officials, and affected local organizations....

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